Good vibes, great wines!



Like many great ideas, Prometheus Wines was born of animated late night conversations over a few glasses of wine. We’re an eclectic group of friends but we share the same dream – to do wine a bit differently, and enjoy ourselves along the way.

Prometheus Winemaker Daniel Zuzolo

The beating heart of Prometheus is our winemaker – Daniel Zuzolo.

Daniel really likes wine. He also really likes the right grapes grown in the right place. We call this regionality. Our growers grow some cool grape varieties which means Daniel can make some really unique wines.

When it comes to experimentation, these growers lead the way. They grow grape varieties you probably haven’t tasted before, but when you have a glass, you’ll love them. Wines that are fresh and bright and crunchy with minimal additives and just made for a good time.

We wanted to show everyone how amazing wine can be without being expensive.

It’s a beautiful thing to experiment and make delicious wines that do their region and the grape growers proud.

We want to share some new things with you and do old things a little differently. We want to have some fun and for our bottles to look as good as they taste.

Passionate people make the best stuff. We want to bottle our passion, and we know people will love that.