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Expressions Range


Our Expressions are made to be enjoyed. Crafted for your refreshment pleasure, these wines are ideal for hot summer days, adventurous park dates and poolside escapades. Best served chilled, just like life.

Prometheus Expressions Range Summer Squeeze bottle shot


White | 2021 Riverland

Everyone needs a squeeze for summer. Bursting with fresh citrus, it is best sipped poolside as you lounge under the cabana.

11.0% Alc/Vol • 6.5 Standard Drinks • Contains Sulphites

Prometheus Expressions Range Berry Blast bottle shot


Rosé | 2021 Riverland

A rockin’ style of rosé paired best with friends. Fresh and vibrant red fruit flavours explode over your palate and make Friday nights that little bit better.

12.5% Alc/Vol • 7.4 Standard Drinks • Contains Sulphites

Prometheus Expressions Range Sherbet Bomb bottle shot


Moscato | 2021 Riverland

Like a party in your mouth where everyone is invited. Our secret recipe is light and perfect for that occasion when you have a bit of a sweet tooth but don’t want to go overboard.

7.0% Alc/Vol• 4.1 Standard Drinks • Contains Sulphites

“Wine brings to life the hidden secrets of the soul…” Horace